Security in our DNA

We believe that technology should no longer be a constraint for your business and this is why our offer includes hosting, maintenance and updates.

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Enhanced security of your data

We manage sensitive information for our clients on a daily basis and we implement many levels of data protection:

• We encrypt all data transmissions through the TLS 1.2 protocol (with ECDHE-RSA key exchange with X25519 and AES-128 symmetric encryption).

• Each document is encrypted with a unique key from your browser, according to the AES-256-CBC norm (recommended by ANSSI and ECRYPT-CSA and ensuring long-term protection for thirty to fifty years) and shall remain fully encrypted until their next visualization. No document is ever stored or communicated unencrypted.

• Each client generates encryption keys which are specific to each document through a key management service which is hosted in a different infrastructure. If clients wish, they can use their own key management service.

• Our encrypted data management architecture is among the most advanced in the market.

Permanent vigilance

In order to constantly meet the highest standards of security, Hyperlex and our key service providers are audited professionally and comply with market norms. Thus our hosting infrastructures are ISO 27001 certified : 2013, SSAE16 SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, ensuring the inviolability of your data. Moreover, third-party providers perform automatic intrusion tests on our platform on a daily basis, and we carry out comprehensive security audits of our infrastructure and applications, every year. These certificates are auditable by our clients.

The security and confidentiality of our clients' data doesn't just end at the security of our infrastructure. This is why we apply the best operational practices, when it comes to security, access rights mitigations and software deployments. We carry out background checks and implement confidentiality agreements with our staff. All the actions performed by the technical team on our servers and on the source code are auditable and monitored. Our source code with all of its dependencies is analyzed on a daily basis and during each update, to detect vulnerabilities.


A highly available service

Our storage services provide top-notch availability with a minimum guaranteed availability of 99.9% of energy services (cooling, electricity) and redundant internet access (Tier3+). Moreover, all the data of our clients benefit from multiple backups within the same data centers as well as in data centers which are more than 1000 km apart, based in the European Union (excluding UK). This guarantee protects our clients' data against any destruction of the first data center.

Your data belongs to you and at any given time, you can request data reversibility or a backup on your own servers of your data stored at Hyperlex.

RGPD and Safe Harbor

Our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing are in keeping with the general data protection regulations. These documents are available for all our clients as well as the list of authorized service providers used by Hyperlex.

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