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Hyperlex assists you in all phases of the contract lifecycle


Import any format, contract templates and shared keyboards


Recognition of key contract information and automatic creation of your database


Digital initials and electronic signature


Centralized storage, alert management and intelligent search


Statistical dashboards, export to excel or directly to your other software programs.

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Centralized and collaborative management

Organize your contracts as you wish (companies, types of contracts...) while managing the access rights of the different users (at document or folder level).

Unlimited and secure storage

Import your documents in the format of your choice (including scans) and store them in a secure and confidential area with unique encryption.

Automatic creation of your database

All the key information from your contracts is extracted without manual input to automatically generate a complete and up-to-date contract database. Dates, amounts, parties, type of clause... all your data is available in summary sheets, but also in our search engine, in statistical dashboards and in export.

Alert management

Track your deadlines and key dates by assigning automatic, one-click reminders to you and your employees.

Intelligent search

Our powerful search engine allows you to find all your contracts by types, clauses or key information.

Visibility and reporting

At a glance, find all the history of the actions carried out around your contracts within your company and access a statistical dashboard that facilitates monitoring and decision-making.

Workflows and electronic signature

Customize and simplify the validation process of your contracts internally before signing them electronically.
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Model contracts and shared clause

Create and store your own templates to facilitate contract generation and ensure compliance internally.

Data export

Export your financial, operational or regulatory data with the filters of your choice, in excel or by API compatible with all your company's information systems (EDM, ERP, CRM, etc.).

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