Collaborate efficiently around your contracts

Collaborate efficiently around your contracts

Centralize and share your legal documents in an easy-to-use interface to gain visibility while guiding operational teams in the follow-up of their contractual projects.

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A common contractual database

Promote collaboration around contracts with a centralized storage space and an intuitive interface that makes it easy for different teams to work together on a daily basis.

A solution for better teamwork

Manage your employees' access rights, read or write, by folder or by document. Are your teams evolving? It's no problem. Transfer access rights in 1 click.

Easy deployment for immediate adoption

Hyperlex is a 100% online software, which can be rapidly deployed within a large group as well as a SME, without any technical prerequisite. Our ergonomic interface makes it easy to get started.

Notifications to synchronize your teams

Notify your collaborators to inform them of important events or actions (deadlines, validations, annotations and comments, etc.).

Standardized contracting practices

Share good contractual practices internally (model contracts, common clause, etc.) to bring the practices of all teams into line with the company's contractual policy.

Your customed validation circuits

Streamline your internal validation processes with the digital initialler and collect approvals in 1 click. Also facilitate collaboration with your suppliers, partners and customers thanks to the electronic signature.

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A global vision of your company's contractual activities

At a glance, follow the history of the actions carried out around your contracts, by yourself and your employees. You and your teams always know where you stand and what's left to do.

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