Manage your risks and contractual commitments

Manage your risks and contractual commitments

Increase your visibility and anticipate your contract deadlines to better control your commitments, minimize your risks and maximize your margins over time.

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An assistant for the follow-up of your contractual deadlines

Manage your alerts so you don't miss any more deadlines. Our system of reminders by date, duration or delay, sends you notifications in the platform but also in your mailbox.

A global visibility on your company's contractual activity

Within a centralized and secure storage space, manage the access rights of the different teams and follow in real time all the actions carried out around the contracts in the company.

Your indicators and customized activity reports

Our AI provides you with the important statistics you need to know about your contracts in customizable dashboards that make it easy to track your commitments and make decisions.

An AI that helps you spot mistakes

By noting important information in your contracts, our AI helps you to identify unusual clauses and data. Easily identify hidden opportunities and risks.

Templates to ensure your compliance

Create your contract templates and your clause to share best practices internally: check the compliance of the documents used by the teams and compare the variants of the same clause at a glance.

A final check before signature

Master the validation of contracts before signature thanks to the electronic initialler. Detect changes in each document and check whether they are consistent with your contractual doctrine.

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