A global solution to turn your contracts into key business assets

✔ Accelerate the contractualization
✔ Control your commitments
✔ Centralize and secure the legal information
✔ Analyze to make the right decisions

Enhance the whole contract lifecycle management

1. Contractualisation

2. Follow up

3. Information management

4. Audit & reporting

  • ➜ Audit & reporting

    Evaluate quickly the business activity carried by the contracts to make the right decisions.

    Instantly find the right information in all the company's contracts for audits and reports.

    Synthesize the information and export it to excel for analysis.

    Measure the carried out actions and the evolution of your contracts at a glance with clear KPIs.

  • ➜ Contractualisation

    Accelerate sales and purchasing cycles while ensuring compliance of your agreements

    Request and draft your contracts easily, while ensuring their compliance.

    Find and compare the best conditions for your negotiations.

    Validate and sign quickly your next agreements without losing track of them.

  • ➜ Information management

    Optimize the flow of contractual information within the company

    Centralize the contractual information and share it via API in other company sofwares (DMS, ERP, CRM, e-Signature...).

    Secure the company's most sensitive data and finely manage the access rights of the different users.

    Create a turnkey contract database: by importing your contracts in 1 click, with their key informations, without the need to enter them manually.

  • ➜ Follow up

    Keep in mind all risks and opportunities throughout the execution of the contract.

    Don't miss any deadlines and renegotiate the terms of your renewals on time.

    Consult the informations of your contracts, everywhere, at any time and with several people.

    Track the contract activity in real time.

More than 4,000 professionals in 20 countries trust us to manage their contracts.

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  • Geodis
  • Naf Naf
  • Comptoir des notaires
  • Total

Features that simplify your contract management

Model contracts and clause lists

Model contracts and clause lists

to draft your contracts more quickly while controlling their compliance

Validation workflows and electronic signature

Validation workflows and electronic signature

to have your contracts approved and signed without delay

Centralized and secure storage

Centralized and secure storage

so that all your teams have easy access to their contracts

Reminders contracts


pso you don't miss any deadlines without thinking about it

Multi-criteria search

Multi-criteria search

to find any document and any key information instantly

Summary sheets

Summary sheets

to see all the informations you need at a glance

Multi-format export and API integration

Multi-format export and API integration

to export your data into other software and excel, without having to enter them twice

Analytical dashboards

Analytical dashboards

to follow-up and evaluate your contract activity in real time

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Tools for all your teams


Legal Department

A real gain in daily productivity, a reinforced control of legal risks and a facilitated collaborative process.


Finance Department

Increased visibility into financial risks, streamlined contracting processes and automated deadline monitoring.


Purchasing Department

Accelerated contractualisation, a precise view of your negotiation conditions and secure commitments over time.


Sales Department

Shorter closing delays to sell more and faster. Digitized and centralized contracts that are easy to find.


Information Systems Department

Centralized and secure management of legal information. A solution that integrates easily with your IS and can be deployed quickly.


HR Department

All employment contracts managed within a single platform to simplify drafting, signing and follow-up.

Hyperlex has brought security and flexibility together: the security of collaborative processes around contracts and the flexibility of a tool that adapts to your daily needs.

Isabelle Fillinger

General Counsel, Naf Naf

Our technology

Hyperlex has developed a set of automatic language processing technologies based on statistical analysis, deep neural networks and supervised/unsupervised learning, capable of cutting, identifying and interpreting key informations in documents. With our experience on over 10 million documents and more than 20 terabytes of multilingual data, we have acquired a unique know-how in our sector. We are able to analyse and validate hundreds of thousands of documents in record time.

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