AI that optimizes the management and analysis of your contracts

✔ Simplify the processing of your documents
✔ Save time on a daily basis
✔ Control your commitments

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Discover the advantages of Hyperlex

simplifier organisation contrats

Simplify >>

Simplify the organization and processing of your contracts to focus on your core business.

accélérer revue de contrats

Save time >>

Accelerate the review and analysis of your contracts to increase your productivity.


Control >>

Increase your visibility to better control your risks and contractual commitments.


collaborate >>

Centralize and share your legal documents in an easy to use interface within the company.

intégrer hyperlex

Connect >>

By connecting to your information systems, Hyperlex facilitates the import and export of your contracts.

securite hyperlex

Protect >>

Security and confidentiality are guaranteed by our certified infrastructures and a unique level of encryption.

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Our features

🏈 Centralized and collaborative management

🔒 Unlimited and secure storage

📑 Automatic creation of your database

📆 Alert management

🔍 Intelligent search

📊 Visibility and reporting

📝 Workflows and electronic signature

📚 Model contracts and shared clause

🧩 Data export

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