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Artificial intelligence for your legal needs.

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Hyperlex simplifies and speeds up identifying and analyzing important information in your legal documents.

Organize your contracts easily

Make it simple to collaborate when it comes to your contracts: approve, sign and keep track of your contracts with a collaborative and intuitive tool.

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Review and analyze your legal documents automtically with the help of AI

Sort out your legal documents and their clauses or important information automatically, and improve the efficiency of your legal operations and compliance processes.

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Get back in control of your commitments

Set up reminders on your legal terms and due dates and keep track of your contracts, so as to better control your risks and commitments over time.

Our purpose

At Hyperlex, we know how managing and analyzing legal documents is sensitive, complex and strategic. You can easily miss a piece of information, a due date or a key clause.

This is why we offer you a solution which uses artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art machine learning technologies to assist you every day in the analysis and management of your contracts and legal documents.

Our mission is to help you anticipate, understand and manage your commitments, with absolute trust, so you can focus on the issues that matter.

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