Manage your contracts quickly and easily with Hyperlex

The all-in-one solution to draft, negotiate, validate, sign, track and analyse contracts.

Hyperlex helps you throughout the whole contract lifecycle management


Templates and forms to facilitate the collaboration, while ensuring compliance.


Tools to co-edit, search and compare your contracts in order to obtain the best conditions.

Approve and sign

Dematerialized approval and signature processes, to finalize your agreements more quickly.


Automatic reminders to make sure you don't miss any deadlines. Centralized and up-to-date access to all your data.


AI-assisted research and decision support tools to simplify your audit and reporting.

More than 4,000 professionals in 20 countries trust us to manage their contracts.

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Our difference : help you to make the most of your contracts


the legal and financial risks in contracts

Increase your business

by reducing costs and maximizing revenues


operational and regulatory compliance

Enhance productivity

by offering a fluent daily life to your teams

Tools for all your teams


Legal Department

A real gain in daily productivity, a reinforced control of legal risks and a facilitated collaborative process.


Finance Department

Increased visibility into financial risks, streamlined contracting processes and automated deadline monitoring.


Purchasing Department

Accelerated contractualisation, a precise view of your negotiation conditions and secure commitments over time.


Sales Department

Shorter closing delays to sell more and faster. Digitized and centralized contracts that are easy to find.


Information Systems Department

Centralized and secure management of legal information. A solution that integrates easily with your IS and can be deployed quickly.


HR Department

All employment contracts managed within a single platform to simplify drafting, signing and follow-up.

Our purpose

At Hyperlex, we know how managing and analyzing legal documents is sensitive, complex and strategic.

You can easily miss a piece of information, a due date or a key clause

This is why we offer you a solution which uses artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art machine learning technologies to assist you every day in the analysis and management of your contracts and legal documents.

Our mission is to help you anticipate, understand and manage your commitments, with absolute trust, so you can focus on the issues that matter.

Our technology

Hyperlex has developed a set of automatic language processing technologies based on statistical analysis, deep neural networks and supervised/unsupervised learning, capable of cutting, identifying and interpreting key informations in documents. With our experience on over 10 million documents and more than 20 terabytes of multilingual data, we have acquired a unique know-how in our sector. We are able to analyse and validate hundreds of thousands of documents in record time.

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